Boeing 2707 – America’s Supersonic Dream

Boeing 2707

In November 1960 the French and British governments announced the launch of a common project for building a jet airliner: a supersonic one, reaching a Mach 2 speed. The project name: Concorde. This piece of news caused rumor and a lot of fuss across the Atlantic. Although some American aircraft engineers had tested, at least […]

Review of Bilek’s Yak-11, 1:48 scale twin-seat trainer

Yak-11 1:48 Bilek Review

The kit Yak-11, 1:48 scale model, was released on the market by Bilek . A perfect timing, given that for some time I have been trying to reproduce, in 1:48 scale, all the planes that had flown under Romanian colors since 1947 onward. The model is delivered in a cardboard box made up of two […]

Fokker B.II – stories from the forgotten past of W.W. I

A new photo and a new mystery story from the forgotten past. All we know, when looking at the photography, is that we are dealing with a Fokker B.II. It belongs to the Royal Imperial Air Forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We also know, from history books, that only 24 air crafts were ordered to Fokker […]