MiG-3. The first MiG in Romanian colors

MiG-3 in service of the Romanian Royal Air Force The MiG-3 was the first MiG in Romanian colors. It was 1942. The war’s end was far, and the defeat of the Axis forces even further. Nobody was thinking about MiG’s. Although, at that time, no one knew it, it would be the first in a […]

Ilyushin Il-28 – BOBCAT 1:48 Scale Model In Box Review

Ilysuhin Il-28 – short history Ilyushin Il-28 was built in the Soviet Union in the immediate aftermath of World War II. 6316 IIyushin Il-28 aircraft were manufactured in the USSR and 316, named Harbin H-5, aircraft were build under license in China. The plane was equipped with two RD-45 engines that ensured a maximum speed […]

Yak-23 – Bilek 1:48 Scale Model In Box Review

Yak-23 Short History … The Tbilisi aircraft factory began producing the Yak-23 jet fighter in 1949. It entered service of the Soviet Air Force starting with the same year. A total of 316 aircraft were built, Yakovlev ceasing production in 1952. The Yak-23 was exported to Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania. Most of the […]