Sky-high excitement: uncovering the thrills of aviation spotting

The growing popularity of aviation spotting In recent years, aviation spotting has surged in popularity worldwide. This thrilling hobby has attracted enthusiasts from all walks of life who share a passion for capturing breathtaking images of an aircraft in action. From the casual observer to the seasoned professional, aviation spotters worldwide are united by their […]

Timisoara Air Show 2000. It all started with a Zenit analog camera

Timisoara Air Show 2000 In 1999 I took the first photo of a plane, during the 93rd Aviation Regiment Open Day. As a photo camera, I used an orange mirrorless camera on film, made in China, obviously. Why orange? I have no idea. Maybe the Chinese manufacturer thought that if you somehow managed to lose […]

BIAS 2022. Or how I couldn’t get to the airshow

BIAS – Bucharest International Airshow The first BIAS edition took place in 2010. Year after year I would plan to go but something always seemed to come up, and I would have to change my plans. Finally, in 2020, the stars aligned, and I could go. But it was not meant to be either. The […]