BIAS – Bucharest International Air Show 2022

Bucharest International Air Show 2022 After 2 years of absence the biggest air show in Romania, returns on September 3rd, 2022. The 12th edition of the Bucharest International Air Show and General Aviation Exhibition will take place at Bucharest Baneasa Airport – Aurel Vlaicu and Romaero. This event will be dedicated to the first Romanian […]

In the begging there was the Zenit: Timisoara Air Show 2000

First photos … The first time I took a picture of a plane was in 1999 at the Open Gates Day – 93rd Aviation Regiment/ Timisoara – Giarmata; and as a photo camera I used an orange mirrorless camera on film … Made in China obviously. Why orange? I have no idea. Maybe the Chinese […]

Szeged Aviation Days and Air Parade – first three editions

Szeged Aviation Days and Air Parade We found out about the first edition of the Szeged Air Show in 2016 by pure chance – long live Facebook and Zuckerberg! The location being at a mere distance of 200 km from our home town we didn’t miss the chance to see how our neighbors manage to […]