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Sky-high excitement: uncovering the thrills of aviation spotting

The growing popularity of aviation spotting In recent years, aviation spotting has surged in popularity [...]

Taul dintre Brazi. A hidden paradise in Retezat Mountains-Romania

Nestled deep within the wilderness of the Retezat Mountains lies a hidden natural beauty—Taul dintre [...]

Biking at Gura Apelor Lake in Retezat Mountains, Romania

Biking at Gura Apelor Lake is for you if you are an avid adventurer and [...]

Burning Man Festival – Romanian Burners 1st Gathering

Long story short: Romanian Burners – 1st Gathering! Just a few days, like three or [...]

Seventy-two Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, one of the most visited cities in Europe We usually avoid crowded cities like [...]

The Offering. A story from long ago…

The Offering … The dawn is breaking … slowly as if the night is not [...]

Pades Peak. Discovering the beauty of Poiana Rusca Mountains

One day hike to Pades Peak We left Timisoara early in the morning, heading for [...]

Balcik Castle. A Must-Visit Travel Destination

Balcik Castle. An Enchanted Journey Nestled along the picturesque Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the enchanting [...]

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