Pades Peak. Discovering the beauty of Poiana Rusca Mountains

One day hike to Pades Peak We left Timisoara early in the morning, heading for Pades Peak in Poiana Rusca Mountains. We had 160 kilometers to go, out of which eight kilometers on a forest road. We passed through Caransebes, Otelul Rosu and Ruschita. On leaving the village of Ruschita, we headed for the famous […]

Balcik Castle. A Must-Visit Travel Destination

Balcik Castle. An Enchanted Journey Nestled along the picturesque Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the enchanting Balcik Castle, also known as the Quiet Nest Palace, is a site to remember. It was built between 1926 and 1937 under the guidance of Queen Mary of Romania, who sought to create a haven of tranquility and beauty amidst […]

Discover the untamed beauty of the 23 August beach

23 August. A village with an untouched beach In June 2016, we rode on highway A1 toward the Romanian Black Sea coast. Our destination? A small village called 23 August, located on the southern part of the coast, about 30 km from Constanta. We arrived here as volunteers for an annual airshow, Aeromania. For the […]

Lake Gales. Exploring a spectacular glacier lake in Romania

Lake Gales. A summer day hike in the Retezat Mountains August 2022. The weather forecast predicts a balmy 40 degrees Celsius for the upcoming weekend. So where do we go? The mountains would be the perfect place. An ideal destination with pleasant temperatures, lush forests, waterfalls and picturesque landscapes. We have wanted to visit Lake […]

We flew straight into the sun …

A quiet morning … The morning didn’t announce any special event. I went to the airfield as planned; we had to paint the runway markings in white to be visible from up in the air. So, the day would be scorching, with a lot of hard work in the sun… Do you have your camera […]

Bell X-1. Revell 1:32 scale in box review

The Bell X-1. First supersonic plane The Bell X-1 was the first piloted airplane to exceed the speed of sound in level flight with a rocket-powered engine. I will insist on something other than the history of this aircraft as it is very famous and a lot of information can be found on the web. […]

Aeromiting Batajnica 2012. Celebrating 100 years of Serbian military aviation

Belgrade-Batajnica Air Base On September 2012, at Aeromiting Batajnica, Serbian Air Force celebrated 100 years of military aviation in Serbia. A huge airshow was organized on this occasion at Belgrade-Batajnica Military Air Base. Aeromiting Batajnica Aeromiting Batajnica was held at Batajnica – Belgrade Air Base. Besides the Serbian Air Force and Serbian civilian aviation operators, […]

SZIA – Szeged International Airshow

SZIA – Szeged International Airshow – having a picnic at the airport We found out about the first edition of the Szeged Air Show in 2016 by pure chance. The location was a mere 200 km from our hometown, so we took advantage of the opportunity. Organized at Szeged Airport, usually in the middle of […]