Nestled deep within the wilderness of the Retezat Mountains lies a hidden natural beauty—Taul dintre Brazi / The Lake Between the Fir Trees. This serene lake offers a captivating scene that will transport you into a world of tranquility and peace—or, simply put, this is what paradise looks like for us.

Taul dintre Brazi – getting to this fantastic place

To get to and back form the lake, you must embark on a four-hour mountain hike through the remote and untouched wilderness of the Retezat National Park. You will walk alongside a mountain river called Lolaia, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the fir trees forest. The trail is well-marked, so finding your way is easy. We also use a free app called Muntii Nostri (Our Mountains), which shows our real-time position on the trail. The trail starts from the Carnic Camping and follows the Lolaia River valley on the forest road for about an hour – follow the Blue Stripe Marking; at the bridge, we take the left path and enter the forest following the Blue Triangle Marking for a short while; afterward, we turned another left towards Lake Gales, following the Red Triangle Marking until the second indicator towards Taul dintre Brazi. If you take the trail, as indicated by the first sign for Taul dintre Brazi, you will encounter a very steep and challenging path. It is easier to use this trail on your way back – follow the Red Dot Marking. Look at the map below for a clear view of this trail. Also do not’ forget to take your time and go slowly; enjoy the smell and sounds of the forest and the river with its many waterfalls. Every step brings you closer to the unspoiled haven at the trail’s end, hidden at an altitude of 1710 m.

Taul dintre Brazi
Photo credit: Muntii Nostri/ Our Mountains App

Taul dintre Brazi – a surreal world

When you get there, you won’t see the lake right away. It’s hidden among the trees. But once you get to it, a surreal world is revealed in front of your eyes. The crystal-clear lake mirrors the towering trees and the infinite sky, creating a picturesque reflection that amplifies the natural beauty surrounding it. The calm waters ripple gently, inviting you to sit on and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere. The scent of pine lingers in the air, enhancing the sensory experience and adding to the overall enchantment of the place. So, if you get the opportunity to explore this hidden paradise and experience the untouched wilderness of this place, lace up your hiking boots and embark on this unforgettable journey.

Taul dintre Brazi

Info Box

Trail: Carnic Campung – Taul dintre Brazi / The Lake Between the Fir Trees
Trail Markings: Blue Stripe Marking; Blue Triangle Marking; Red Triangle Marking; Red Dot Marking
Distance: four hours round trip
Trail Difficulty: medium
Equipment: mountains bike; water & food; first aid kit; phone
Muntii Nostri/ Our Mountains App: link

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