MiG-3 – the first MiG in Romanian colors

Short history The MiG-3 was the first MiG in Romanian colors. It was 1942. The end of the war was far and the defeat of the Axis forces even further. Nobody was thinking about MiG’s. Although at that time no one knew it, it would be the first in a long line of planes produced […]

IAR-81 Photo-Etched Panel Board, Yahu Models-1:32.

IAR-81C Azur Frrom 1:32

Photo-etched Yahu Models IAR-81 in 1:32 scale. The first IAR-81 1:32 scale model came from Azur-Frrom and Special Hobby. Soon after Yahu Models came out on the market with a set of photo – etched parts that reproduced the panel board of the Romanian IAR-81 World War II fighter. The advantage is that the photo-parts come […]

SA330J Puma; Revell, 1:32 scale helicopter.

The kit The helicopter SA330J Puma was developed starting with the 1960’s by Aerospatiale – France and it was a real success. It has been imported in numerous countries and built under license also in Romania. This helicopter has a rich history, both in military and civilian field. Today’s story will be only about the […]