MiG-3. The first MiG in Romanian colors

MiG-3 in service of the Romanian Royal Air Force The MiG-3 was the first MiG in Romanian colors. It was 1942. The war’s end was far, and the defeat of the Axis forces even further. Nobody was thinking about MiG’s. Although, at that time, no one knew it, it would be the first in a […]

Lavochkin La-9. Mikro Mir 1:48 scale in box review

Lavochkin La-9 The story of this plane begins in 1946 and ends quite quickly in 1948. During this period 1559 Lavochkin La-9 aircraft were built. Among NATO forces it was known as Lavochkin La-9 Fritz. This is most likely due to the resemblance to the Focke Wulf Fw-190. I will not insist on the history […]