SA330J Puma. Revell, 1:32. Review.

Introduction The aircraft was developed starting with the 1960’s by Aerospatiale France and it was a real success. It has been imported in numerous countries and built under license also in Romania, being one of the finest aircrafts in NATO fleet. This helicopter has a rich history that will be thoroughly recounted in a future […]

IAR-81C. Azur Frrom, 1:32. Review.

Introduction IAR-80/81 was Romania’s Aeronautical Industry answer for the tense situation developing in Europe in 1939. When it entered service it was a very modern aircraft that could easily stand side by side with other planes such as the Messerschmitt Me – 109, Hawker Hurricane, P-40. 450 were built in two versions, IAR-80 and IAR-81. […]