Sukhoi Su-17/22M3, SMER, 1:48 Scale – In Box Review

The Kit – Sukhoi Su-17/22M3, SMER, 1:48 scale Sukhoi Su-17/22M3 from SMER, 1:48 scale. You might say it’s a bad idea! But I’ve been dealing with SMER aviation scale models before, and despite the fact that many modelers are not very happy with this company’s models I kind of like them. They do tend to […]

Lavochkin La-9. Mikro Mir 1:48 scale in box review

Lavochkin La-9 The story of this plane begins in 1946 and ends quite quickly in 1948. During this period 1559 Lavochkin La-9 aircraft were built. Among NATO forces it was known as Lavochkin La-9 Fritz. This is most likely due to the resemblance to the Focke Wulf Fw-190. I will not insist on the history […]

Yak-23DC – A&A Models 1:48 Scale In Box Review

Short history The Soviet Union offered Yak-23 to Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania. After 1950, Romania remained the only country that was still flying Yak-23 military jets. It was retired from service by the Air Force of the Socialist Republic of Romania in 1960. Romania owned 62 Yak-23 planes. Of these 2 were converted […]