Nieuport 23 – The Story of a Photograph from Wolrd War I

Photographs tell stories, the stories of the people that took them, of the ones that look at us from long forgotten times and long forgotten places. Today I want to tell you the story of a photograph, or better said the image that appeared on a piece of photographic paper as a result of a […]

One day trip to the Kikinda Airfield in Serbia.

Kikinfa Airfiled Hangar

As the passion for flight has no borders and the aviation enthusiasts have a common language, even if they do not speak the same native tongue, and because June 2016 had also sunny days and not just rainy ones, we went to visit Kikinda Airfield in Serbia since the occasion arose. Our trip took us […]

Fokker B.II – stories from the forgotten past of W.W. I

A new photo and a new mystery story from the forgotten past. All we know, when looking at the photography, is that we are dealing with a Fokker B.II. It belongs to the Royal Imperial Air Forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We also know, from history books, that only 24 air crafts were ordered to Fokker […]