Timisoara Paramotor Open 2015 Edition

On Saturday, august the 15th 2015, I had the chance to witness a different type of aerial competition with ultralight motorized paraglidings. I had this chance due to annual competition called  Timisoara Paramotor Open 2015.  I have to admit that there were not many aircrafts like these in the airshows that I saw along the […]

European Advanced Aerobatic Championship – Romania, 2015

The 9th edition of the European Advanced Aerobatic Championship took place in Deva, Romania. The European Advanced Aerobatic Championship started on July 22nd and ended on August 1st, 2015. It was the first European Advanced Aerobatic Championship that took place in Romania. It was organized by the Romanian Aeronautics Federation and the Romanian Air Club. […]

Romania, F-16 and the regional situation

F-16 is the plane Romania wants to buy. This news about the purchases of F-16 for the Romanian Air Force is not surprising. Apparently the officials of the Ministry of National Defense are taking into consideration the possibility of purchasing 12 F-16 airplanes. Thus, old disputes will be re-ignited, talk-shows and “experts” who know it […]