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Comercial Low-cost airline Wizz Air, which operates 700 routes in 45 countries, declared that it would take steps to limit the losses caused by retaining the fleet on the ground due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among the measures taken will be the dismissal of a number of 1000 employees, which represent 19% of the company […]

Ejecting from a Rafale without either intention or being a pilot

After speding a lifetime as an employee at the French company Dassault, it was time for a man to retire after his 64th birthday. As a moment like this must be celebrated in a proper way, his colleagues thought of offering him, as a retirement gift, a flight with the Rafale fighter jet. Once everything […]

Aviation dictionary – 9000 terms and expression

After some time and a little effort the electronic edition of the Aviation Dictionary has been published, with a few improvements compared to the first edition published by Editura Triumf from Brasov, in 2002. The dictionary has a total of 9000 aviation terms and expressions. The dictionary is a complex volume for which the authors, […]