Visiting LHUD – Szeged Airport

In July 2016, a friend who is a pilot needed a few more hours of flight in order to get his license for the Scheibe Falke SF-25 motor-glider, which he had recently bought from Hungary. And as the nearest flight school that offers such services is in Szeged, I took the opportunity to visit LHUD […]

Luftwaffe made a decision: Eurofighter Typhoon 2000 & F-18

Context … Germany’s Panavia Tornado ECR fleet is slowly but surely nearing the end of its operational life. Commissioned to service in 1974, these aircraft are now “suffering” from a low rate of availability and very high maintenance costs, according to the German Court of Auditors, so the decision was made to have them replaced […]

World of Aviation Latest News of the Week …

Comercial Low-cost airline Wizz Air, which operates 700 routes in 45 countries, declared that it would take steps to limit the losses caused by retaining the fleet on the ground due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among the measures taken will be the dismissal of a number of 1000 employees, which represent 19% of the company […]