Bell X-1. Revell 1:32 scale in box review

The Bell X-1. First supersonic plane The Bell X-1 was the first piloted airplane to exceed the speed of sound in level flight with a rocket-powered engine. I will insist on something other than the history of this aircraft as it is very famous and a lot of information can be found on the web. […]

Aeromiting Batajnica 2012. Celebrating 100 years of Serbian military aviation

Belgrade-Batajnica Air Base On September 2012, at Aeromiting Batajnica, Serbian Air Force celebrated 100 years of military aviation in Serbia. A huge airshow was organized on this occasion at Belgrade-Batajnica Military Air Base. Aeromiting Batajnica Aeromiting Batajnica was held at Batajnica – Belgrade Air Base. Besides the Serbian Air Force and Serbian civilian aviation operators, […]