As the passion for flight has no borders and the aviation enthusiasts have a common language, even if they do not speak the same native tongue, and because June 2016 had also sunny days and not just rainy ones, we went to visit Kikinda Airfield in Serbia since the occasion arose.

Our trip took us to a small airfield located a few kilometers west from the border with Romania, near the city of Kikinda. The airfield and is used by the local skydiving air club and a few small private plane owners.

At Kikinda Airfield the flight activity is performed with four different types of aricrafts: private owned Cessna 172 Skyhawk II  – registered YU-DPA ; private owned Cessna 182 Skylane – registered YU-DNP (in 2016 this aircraft was not flying due to the fact that the engine had been taken off the plane for capital repairs); private owned Piper Tomahawk PA38 – registered YU-DSB ; Antonov An-2 – registered HA-ANR. The Antonov is used for skydiving.

The Kikinda Airfield has a hangar of approximately 565 square meters in which all four planes are housed, with the Antonov An-2 occupying most of the space. The offices and briefing room are built next to the Kikinda Airfield hangar.
In front of the hangar there is a paved platform with a length of approximately 55.61 m and a width of approximately 18.19 m. From the paved platform the access to the grass runway is made trough the taxiway, also covered with grass, that is about 100 meters long. The runway is also covered with grass and has a length of 997 meters and a width of 32 meters.

In spite of the financial hardships, the Kikinda Airfield is well maintained through the efforts of Mr. Adamov Nika, our host and guide. He is the Kikinda Airfield Manager and the An-2 and Cessna 172 Skyhawk II Airliner pilot and owner.

Kikinda Airfield

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