Spotting Day at Timisoara International Airport

As the popularity of aviation spotting continues to grow in Romania, Timisoara International Airport has responded by hosting a “Spotting Day.” During such a day, aviation enthusiasts get a chance to get up close and personal with the aircraft and facilities at the airport. I have wanted for some time to attend such an event. So when a friend announced this in November 2022, I was all in. We were granted access to areas of the airport that are typically off-limits to the public, allowing us to observe and take photos of aircraft takeoffs and landings from prime vantage points.

Embraer E190 Lufthansa

It all started at seven in the morning when I arrived at the Timisoara International Airport. We went through a safety brief about what we should and should not do during our visit to the airport. After that, an airport car took us to the established point for shooting the landings and takeoffs. I was very grateful to the airport staff for the minibus that carried us around the airport. It tends to be icy outside in November, and spending a whole day in the field is not very comfy. No matter how many layers of clothes you have.

After a few hours of landings and takeoffs, we moved to the observation terrace in the airport’s main building. After so much time spent outside near the runway, it was a welcoming change. Now we had access to a cozy warm space and a great view towards the runaway.

spotting day
Boeing 737- 800 Tarom

After a whole day of taking photos of passengers and cargo planes, the airport staff offered us one last delightful surprise. Accompanied by the airport maintenance personnel, we went right to the end of the runway. It was already getting dark. Once everyone’s camera was ready, the landing lights went on. And it was amazing. I’ve seen them before, but never so close. And definitely not on specially for me. Even if it was a cold day, it proved to be a very successful day. At least for me, and I am grateful for this to everyone involved: airport staff, the spotters, and the person who managed to make all this possible.

spotting day

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