The Kit – Sukhoi Su-17/22M3, SMER, 1:48 scale

Sukhoi Su-17/22M3 from SMER, 1:48 scale. You might say it’s a bad idea! But I’ve been dealing with SMER aviation scale models before, and despite the fact that many modelers are not very happy with this company’s models I kind of like them. They do tend to test your patience but in the end some really nice models do come out. So when I got the chance to buy this 1:48 scale Sukhoi Su-17/22M3 I didn’t hesitate. And I’m really happy I didn’t, because it’s a very cool looking plane… and a nice model of the Sukhoi Su-17/22M3 in 1:48 scale.

Sukhoi SMER 1:48 scale

Inside the Box – Sukhoi Su-17/22M3, SMER, 1:48 scale

So what’s inside the box? Cool and big stuff. When you open the box, which by the way is a very strong carton box, you will find four gray-white plastic frames and one transparent frame – the canopy and some other parts such as landing lights. The canopy can be either opened or closed. It’s up to you. There are no photo-etched parts, no resin parts and no paint masks. So, if you want to improve the model, as I do, you can go for some aftermarkets. There is plenty of them for the cockpit, exhaust, landing gear, weapons, etc. Whatever you like and your budget allows. There is a total of 144 parts, out of which ten are transparent. These are engraved in negative. The instruction sheet is printed in black and white, but it’s pretty clear. The decal sheet has markings for two different planes, both belonging to the U.S.S.R. Total size of the kit when assembled and finished is about 34 cm in length, with a wingspan of about 15 cm. I say „about” because there is no mention on the box or in the instruction sheet regarding the size of the finished model.

Sukhoi Su-17/22M3, SMER, 1:48 scale – Is it worth it?

In the end it’s up to you and what you like. I think it’s worth the effort. It’s big, it’s cool, has nice details and it can be improved… a lot. We have to see if I will still like it during and after assembling. But I think I will.

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