IAR-81. Photo-etched can change your plane model look

The first IAR-81 scale model in 1:32 on the market was released by Azur-Frrom. One year later, Azur was followed by another manufacturer called Special Hobby. These two manufacturers offer the only model of the Romanian IAR-81 fighter in 1:32 scale. It is a very rare plane and a rare aviation model subject. There is only one other option for an IAR-81 scale mode on the market now and it is in 1:48 scale and manufactured by Hobby Boss company from China.

Since the aftermarket manufacturers produce all sorts of “goodies” for the existing models, the IAR-81 was no exception to the rule. Soon after the IAR-81 from Azur-Frrom appeared on the market, Yahu Models came out with a sheet of photo-etched parts that reproduced the panel board of the Romanian IAR-81 World War II fighter. The advantage is that the photo-etched parts come directly painted, significantly improving the original dashboard’s accuracy. I bought it for about fourteen euros, with all the postage included. It is an excellent addition to the model and worth buying. Especially if you intend to make the model with the cockpit open, a possibility that is offered by Azur-From and Special Hobby.

As for the photo-etched parts, Yahu Models offers twelve pieces in a 1:32 scale. The product code is YML 3204, and the instruction sheet is printed in color. Assembling is straightforward. So, a modeler will not have problems with this part of the build.

Yahu Models IAR-81 Photo-Etched

Yahu Models photo-etched panel board. Buy it or not?

Yes. It is a good addition, and it really changes the looks of the IAR-81 model. It is a huge model, and everything in the cockpit is very visible, so that phot-etched panel board changes things for the better.

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