The Bell X-1. First supersonic plane

The Bell X-1 was the first piloted airplane to exceed the speed of sound in level flight with a rocket-powered engine. I will insist on something other than the history of this aircraft as it is very famous and a lot of information can be found on the web.

bell x-1

Bell X-1. The 1:32 scale model

I did not plan on buying this kit any time soon. But when I went to a local model shop, I saw it was on sale, and the price was excellent. I got it. It is made by Revell in 1:32 scale with positive and negative engraved panel lines. I will not rescribe this Bell X-1 kit because I simply do not have the patience to do that. I’m going to leave it as it is. I will likely build the Bell X-1 straight out of the box. All the necessary parts for the Bell X-1 can be found on two plastic frames. There is a total of 51 plastic parts. Out of these, one is transparent. You have parts for the cockpit, including a pilot. The plastic is thick, but I hope there will be no problems. It is not very hard, so it will be easy to work with it.

Bell X-1. Decal sheet

For the Bell X-1, Revell offers two registrations. One is the plane flown by the famous Chuck Yeager. The differences between the two are minimal.

bell x-1

Bell X-1. Assembly and paint instruction and decal sheet

Fifteen pages in total printed in color. Instructions are clear and easy to follow when assembling the Bell X-1 kit.

bell x-1

Bell X-1. Buy it or not?

I did on a moment impulse. It is an old kit, but whit some work, it can be finished to look exceptionally well. You can rescribe it, improve it, whatever time and money allow you. And it is a classic.

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