Aeromania 2016

On June 26th, 2016, we arrived at Tuzla, Constanta County. A busy week would follow. In the following seven days, the organizers and the volunteers would work together to finish the last organizing details of the 10th edition of the Aeromania 2016 airshow, which would take place on July 2nd. The story of Aeromania began in 2006 under what would be known as “Fly-In Tuzla” until 2009. During this time, the event took place above the beaches of Costinesti and Mangalia. Aerobatic, commercial, school, and helicopter planes attended the airshow. Starting in 2009, “Fly-In Tuzla” was renamed Aeromania. The aircraft continued to fly along the beaches of the Romanian seacoast until 2012. Since 2012 Aeromania has been held at Tuzla Airport. Over the years at “Fly-In Tuzla” and later on at Aeromania, those present at the seaside and at the event have been entertained by the aerial evolutions of numerous pilots and aerobatic teams: Jurgis Kaiyris, Zoltan Veres, Luca Bertossio, Ali Ozturk, Francesco Fornabaio, Semin Ozturk, Regional Air Services, Hawks of Romania, Aerobatic Yakers, White Wings, Romanian Aeroclub, Romanian Air Force and Romanian Naval Forces.

Aeromania – the airshow

Besides famous or less famous pilots, aviation photography enthusiasts and not had the chance to see many types of planes, helicopters, and gliders at the airshow: Diamond DA 40, Diamond DA 20, Antonov An-2, Mig-21 Lancer, Liusinov Li-2, Yak-52, Sukhoi Su-30, XtremeAir 3000, IAR-330 Puma Naval, Augusta-Bell AB-206B Jet Ranger III, Guimbal Cabri G2, Augusta Westland AW139, Eurocopter AS 365 N Dauphin, Extra 200, Zlin 50 L, Pitts Special S2B, IS28 B2 and many more. The events organized between 2012 and 2018 at “Alexandru Podgoreanu” Airport, Tuzla, registered participation of about 15,000 to 19,000 people. Besides the aviation show, they could also enjoy the food-court specialties and the evening concerts. For us personally, it was a special edition for several reasons: it was our first participation as photographers, organizing volunteers, and media partners. It was also the first time we saw the aerial display of the Mig-21 Lancer from the 86th Air Base – Borcea and the excellent Jurgis Kairys piloting his Sukhoi Su-31. But above all these “first times,” we were lucky to watch an impeccable coordinated air show. At the end of the airshow, the public was entertained by performers such as R.O.C.K., Mihai Margineanu, and Zdob & Zdub. Also, a classic cars exhibition was organized by Retromobil Club Romania.

Among our “firsts,” we can also count visiting and “working” for a few days at the first private airport in Romania. This enterprise is the result of the hard-working team at Regional Air Services. And let’s consider that they also succeeded in finding a Flight School, the first Sea Survival School, and Aerobatic School. They accomplished a great deal! I do not think of Aeromania 2016 in terms of experience, photographs, or just another air show, but as an excellent opportunity to meet extraordinary people – the other volunteers and the team at Regional Air Services. The last edition of Aeromania took place in 2018; as of 2019, this event was canceled. Maybe someday, we will see planes flying again at Tuzla – Aeromania.

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