Prague, one of the most visited cities in Europe

We usually avoid crowded cities like Prague and prefer natural landscapes such as mountains, rivers, and lakes. However, in November 2023, we had to travel to Prague, so we decided to explore the city for a few days. Without any specific plans, we wandered around and visited whatever caught our interest.

We stayed at a Pivovar Hotel in Prague for 3 days. It is located about 8 km/5 miles away from the historical and tourist part of the city. We chose this hotel because it is cheaper and quieter than those in the city center. The rooms were clean and warm and had a cozy bathroom. The price was reasonable and included breakfast. We parked our car at the hotel and used public transportation, which was convenient. The City Move app helped us with tickets and routes in Prague.

Prague, places that we saw during our 3-day stay

There are countless attractions and experiences to explore in Prague. There needs to be more than three days to fully immerse oneself in all the city offers. Therefore, we did not create an itinerary or come up with a list of specific sights to see. Instead, we wandered through the streets, allowing ourselves to be drawn to whatever caught our attention. Here is a glimpse of what we were able to discover during our three-day stay in Prague:

The Sex Machines Museum  – spread over a two-floor building, this is one of the most crowded places we visited in Prague. A place where you can see a brief history of all kinds of sex machines from the Middle Ages till today. From dildos to machines and devices that were meant to prevent you from masturbating, you get it all. It is not something out of the ordinary, but if you are in the area, it is worth visiting. Also, the museum has a replica of 1920’s cinema where you can see a 1900s silent porn movie. A bizarre movie. And it is not like we are shy or have not seen porn before, but that was weird.

Prague Castel – or that is how it is called. In fact, it is much more than a castle or fortress. It is a small town with streets, squares, churches, buildings, restaurants, museums, gardens, souvenir shops, and all sorts of things. If you walk the streets, then you do not have to buy a ticket. But you need tickets if you want to visit churches, museums, or any other objective. We decided not to buy tickets and walk around because we did not have much time and huge lines of tourists were waiting to see things.

Carol Bridge – if you are in Prague, you must cross this one! – that is what we were told. So, we did. And it is just a bridge. A very crowded one! So many people were on it that you could not move without stepping on someone’s foot or bumping into another person. There is no way you can take a photo. But we did see and listen to a 1920’s style jazz band. They were good!

Madam Tousade – or a small-scale replica of the famous museum! Some of the wax guys and girls in there did look like the real living or no longer living stars they depicted. Others … let us say they were close. But have a look if you are around. At least it is not full of crazy tourists running around like in The Sex Machines Museum.

Technical Museum – a place where you must go if you are passionate about trains, planes, and automobiles. And other technical staff. It is a vast museum spread over a five-floor building. We only had time to see The Television Studio, Photographic Studio and Transportation. But there is a lot more to see.

Boat Ride – I thought it would be more interesting. It wasn’t. It is an hour’s ride on the Vltava River, during which you can look at some historical, interesting buildings described in the leaflets you receive upon embarking. It takes an hour because the boat, at least the one we were on, moves very slowly. I mean, if I could walk on water, I could easily outpace it. Walking, not running! But hey, it is an experience, so if you have time, try it.

City Walk – the thing we did most. Walking from the hotel to the city’s historical center. Walking around the streets. Walking everywhere. It’s what we did. And it’s an exciting experience. There are many people, some locals, some, or most tourists from a wide variety of countries. Lots of beautiful buildings, streets, parks, monuments. A lot of things to see and remember.

The Concert – remember I told you that we had to go to Prague? It was more of a choice than a must. It’s all about a concert we wanted to go to. Some guys called Cigarettes After Sex. That is why we ended up in Prague. A concert. And a tree day visit to Prague since we drove for such a long distance.

Prague. Are we going to visit again? Or should you?

Well, most likely, yes. For example, we didn’t get to see the Aviation Museum. And we like planes. There is a lot to see in Prague. Walking on the streets, you can experience a blend of historical landmarks, museums, and vibrant city life. Ultimately, our visit to Prague was driven by the desire to attend a concert. But in the end, we had a memorable trip filled with cultural experiences and cherished memories.

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