23 August. A village with an untouched beach

In June 2016, we rode on highway A1 toward the Romanian Black Sea coast. Our destination? A small village called 23 August, located on the southern part of the coast, about 30 km from Constanta. We arrived here as volunteers for an annual airshow, Aeromania. For the next week, our home was a nice and cozy guest house, Pension Nina, that we found on an online booking platform. The good part about this place? Almost no tourists, no hotels, no noise, and no music. Just an ordinary location with a few guest houses. Perfect.

Waves crashing against the shore and soft sand underneath our feet

Our working day at the airshow started at 08:00 and lasted for a few hours; most of the work was done by 3 o’clock in the afternoon. So we looked around for a lovely, quiet beach to enjoy the sea. The problem is that almost all beaches on the Romanian coast are pretty crowded with people, umbrellas, sunbeds, and loud music. And we didn’t want that. We wanted to feel the wind and sand and hear the waves crashing against the shore. We wished to enjoy sounds, smells, and feelings created by nature, not people. So Google Maps came to the rescue – 23 August wild beach. And that is where we went.

The sea stretched out right before us

As we arrived at the beach, we were immediately struck by the beauty of the untamed waves crashing against the shore. The sound of the sea was loud and powerful, yet somehow calming in its own way. Now and then, you could hear the occasional cry of a seagull. There were only a few people around. It was amazing to be in such a peaceful place. This was the perfect spot to relax and forget about everything else. In 2016 we went there for the first time. We returned every year since because we simply loved it. Why? Because it’s different. You can bathe in the nude, topless, or with a swimsuit. No one cares. You can sleep on the beach in a tent or directly on the sand. You can see the sunrise and sunset. You can swim in the sea under the full moon, feel the smell of the salty water, and sometimes if you are really lucky, you can see dolphins swimming close to the shore at sunset. There are still small wooden fishermen’s boats that go out to the sea returning in the evening. Everyone who goes there respects and takes care of this place; there are no big hotels, and most of the sea resorts are far.

23 august beach

Then and now and how to 23 August Beach

What has changed since 2016? The village was mostly the same the last time we went there, in 2022. Still no hotels, only a few guest houses. And that is for a simple reason. Until 2022 there was no paved road from the village to the beach. With a regular car that most people own, not a 4×4 wheel drive, you can only go with up to 20-25 km/h. The road didn’t allow it. And it’s a 4 km long road. Takes a while to get there. Also, in the vicinity and on the beach, there are no umbrellas, sunbeds, music, or place to buy food or drink. So you have to bring everything with you. Most people don’t. But in 2022, things were already a little different. The road is paved now, and anyone can drive on it. No big changes. Definitely more cars and people. And some trash left by them on the beach.

23 august beach

23 august beach

Are we going to 23 August Beach again?

Well yes. At least this year (2023), we are. Hope to find things stay the same. Why? Because we felt the warmth of the sun and the chill of the sea breeze on our skin because the beach was a true sanctuary, a place where we could connect with the natural world. And a reminder that sometimes, the most beautiful things in life are the simplest ones.

23 august beach

Info Box – 23 August Beach

  • Location: 23 August, Constanta, Romania
  • Google Maps: link here
  • Lenght: approximately 1 km
  • Nudist beach: yes, one can practice nudism on the left side pf the beach
  • How to get there: paved road from the village 23 August; unpaved road from Costinesti resort, along the coastline
  • Beach details: wild beach; smoooth acces in the water; smooth sand; areas with seashells

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