After some time and a little effort the electronic edition of the Aviation Dictionary has been published, with a few improvements compared to the first edition published by Editura Triumf from Brasov, in 2002. The dictionary has a total of 9000 aviation terms and expressions. The dictionary is a complex volume for which the authors, Victor Donciu and Eugenia Tascau, have worked for more than 10 years. It is a very well documented and highly welcome work for all those who activate or wish to activate in aviation, as well as for those who are passionate about this domain. At the moment the edition is available only in electronic format, but the great advantage is that it can be studied free of charge by the readers thanks the authors and those who contributed to make this dictionary possible. The intention is for the printed version to appear in the future, but this is conditioned by finding financing sources, which is not such an easy task. For the being moment, the members of the Center for Applied Strategies offer us the possibility to study this volume online on their website, as well as on