I sit near the old Antonov and gaze at the heaven pinned on the firm and welcoming earth like a thief on a cross in the ancient Roman Empire:
You’re sick, aren’t you?! asked a somewhat amused voice, whose face is lost in the flashing sunlight.
I am!

And when you think that I was foolishly asking the ”poor” man accompanying us if everything was ok, while houses, streets, green and yellow fields seemed to run like crazy underneath us.
I look intensely, I look through the lens … I try to ”steal” as much as I can from world revealed at our feet, I force my eye to hold in as much as possible; fields, lines, people and living creatures… a whole universe unveiled all of a sudden.

And a child, with his hands turned into spyglass, looking at the massive biplane … I travel back in time, when I used to stare at the planes in the sky … only today it is me who is traveling by plane starring at the multi color ground beneath us.

Everything seems to move slower, the engine is purring somewhere in the distance. Suddenly the camera feels so heavy….
I retreat slowly, heavily at the back of the plane. More air, cool air. I sit down, waiting for eternity.
The landing … smooth, quiet as if the old Antonov was careful not to shake my already tormented body…
Then the silence, the thoughts … and images that now seem so far away.