The MiG-3 was the first MiG to enter the service of the Romanian Air Force. Although at that time no one knew it, it would be the first in a long line of aircrafts produced by the Mikoian-Gurevici offices that will fly under the colors of the Romanian Air Force. It was 1942, the end of the war was far and the defeat of the Axis forces even further. Nobody was thinking about MiGs …

It is certain that the MiG 3 entered Romania somewhat accidentally, when in 1942 a Soviet pilot with Ukrainian origins landed on the airfield in Melitopol (Ukraine). The Germans immediately insisted to take the plane for flight assessments. The Romanian Air Force stepped up and hastily sent it to Brasov, piloted by Captain Aviator Constantin “Bazu” Cantacuzino. There, at the aircraft factory – IAR Brasov, it was damaged, repaired, repainted, flown and evaluated.

No one seems to know very clearly what happened to the plane. There would be two variants: either it was destroyed during the USAF bombing of the Brasov plane factory, or it was recovered by the Russians at the end of the war. Because the Russians, when they won a war, they would take back the technique “borrowed” indefinitely by those who were in conflict, in this case Romania. The only ones who escaped this treatment were the Finns, but this is a story for another time.

The aircraft model is produced by Trumpeter. It is in the scale 1:48, it has a reasonable number of parts, so it does not turn into a nightmare for modelers. The parts fit together well enough, but the work itself requires a little patience.

There are some problems with joining the wings with the fuselage where puttying is needed. Otherwise, nothing serious and also it’s a well detailed plane model.

For painting I used Revell enamel colors applied with the airbrush. They are not necessarily the best paints available on the market, but they are definitely the easiest to find in Romania.

The decals I used are those produced by Avalon for the Romanian MiG 3, 1:48 scale, which are qualitative and fit well on the model.