Photo – etched parts: IAR-81

With the emergence of the IAR-81 model launched by Azur-Frrom and Special Hobby, Yahu Models also came out on the market with a set of photo – etched parts that faithfully render the panel board of the Romanian IAR-81 World War II fighter. The advantage is that the parts come directly painted, which greatly relieves the work and especially the accuracy of the original dashboard. At a price of about 14 euros, with all the postage included, it is worth the purchase, especially if you intend to make the model with the cockpit open.

  • Kit number: YML 3204
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Manufacturer: Yahu Models
  • Total number of parts: 12
  • Total number of photo-etched parts: 12

Yahu Models IAR-81 Photo-Etched