After Azur Frrom’s IAR-81C, also Special Hobby will come out with the same aircraft that Romania used during WWII.

It is an interesting model of a fighter that finds more and more admirers not only among the model hobbyists.

This model will be in the 1:32 scale and it is announced to be well detailed. The box will contain five frames, the cupola and other transparent parts, resin parts and decals printed by Cartograf Italy.

The four markings will offer the model makers the chance to choose from the following options: a classical one, from June 1941 – September 1944 with King Michael’s Cross, and the other three after August 23rd, 1944, when the Royal Romanian Air Forces came back to the tricolor cockades.

The kit price is announced to about 50 Euro. It is pretty high, but if we consider that it is the only 1:32 scale model on the market at present (the Azur-Frrom kits have been long sold out) I am sure that the buyers will be plenty.

On the other hand, the quality of this model kit remans to be seen and appreciated by the connoiseurs, especially when taking into consideration the cupola – a corner stone for all the IAR-81 producers.  Let’s hope that this will not be the case for Special Hobby.

Photo: Special Hobby