The 10 years anniversary of Tuzla air shows, aka Aeromania 2016, and is over. For us personally it was a special edition for several reasons: it was our first participation as photographers, organising volunteers and media pertners; it was the first time we witnessed the Mig 21 Lancer from 86 AirBase in Borcea that was flown by Commander General Catalin “Bachus” Bahneanu, and also the great pilot that is Mr. Jurgis Kairys. But above all these “first times” we were lucky to watch an impeccable coordinated air show orchestrated to the last detail by Mr. “AirBoss” – Mugurel Toma. The aerial evolutions were accompanied by music concerts by R.O.C.K., Mihai Margineanu and Zdob & Zdub, and also the classic cars exhibition by Retromobil Club Romania. All these surprises were enjoyed by the 19.000 peoplep resent at the show.

Among our “firsts” we can also count visiting and working for a few days at the first private airport in Romania that is the result of the hard work of the great team at Regional Air Services. And if we take into consideration that they also suceeded to foud the first Sea Survival School, the first Flight School and, starting with this motnh, the first Romanian Aerobatic School, we can easily state that they accomplished a great deal so far and should be pround to be a top level airport and company!

Personally, I do not think of Aeromania 2016 in terms of experienece, photographs or another air show, but as a great opprtunity to meet special people – the other volunteers (students and teachers from Iasi and Bucharest) and the team at Regional Air Services.
As a single post could not comprise the 8 hours show and all the aricrafts that offered us an unforgetable experience we decided to post all the photos and impressions in a miniseries.

Today we give way to our first “guests” – the Regional Air Services airfleet.

Author: aviatim | Photo: aviatim | 09.07.2016