MiG-3 – The kit

There are a lot of things to be said about the MiG-3, but there is enough information about this aircraft in various publications, as well as on the internet so I will cut directly to presenting the  model. Trumpeter 1:48 scale MiG-3 kit details: item code – Trumpeter 02830; manufacturer – Trumpeter; scale – 1:48; total number of parts – 80; number of transparent parts – 6; length ~ 17.2 cm; wing span ~ 21.2 cm. No photo-etched or resin parts are offered. The frames are packet in a solid cardboard box that ensures the model’s safety during transportation. The MiG-3 parts, encased in 5 frames, are very detailed, with engraved panel lines. Also, the rivets are positioned in the same places as in the real MiG-3. The highly detailed canopy offers the possibility to set it in closed or open position. The only improvement to this model would be adding the safety belts to the pilot’s seat.

Decals – MiG-3

Trumpeter offers decals and painting instruction for 3  variants of the MiG-3. Among these there is a winter camouflage. Trumpeter doesn’t mention the unit or the historical time frame and geographical area of operations. Only one version is identifiable. A MiG-3 that participated in the Battle for Moscow. The Instruction sheet offers 8 pages of minute description of every step of assembling the MiG-3. One minus though, the painting indications are not very accurate. It is a successful model if you set aside the inaccuracies in coloring indications and markings. We have enough access to information to overcome these small inconveniences. The model is accessible even to beginners, not only from the point of view of assembly difficulty, but also at a reasonable price.  Advantages: highly detailed; a reasonable number of parts; good price; it can be built straight out of the box, no supplementary parts needed; it can be improved with aftermarkets, but I think it is not necessary. Disadvantages: lack of clear instruction for painting and markings.