Caransebes Airshow 2015 in Black & White

On Saturday morning we left for Caransebes to take part in the Caransebes Airshow 2015. Although the weather did not look very promising, as it was pouring pretty hard at  07.00 a.m., we set towards our destination with the hope that the weather will improve. And the improvement occurred around 11 o’clock, when most of the clouds dissipated and the sun shared its light and warmth over us. Thus the planes began to roll on the runway. We enjoyed the evolution of the Mil Mi-17, Extra 300, Extra 330,  Ikarus 42, Zlin 142, PZL 104 Wilga and the glider IS28 B2. Our patience was rewarded by the show prepared by the Hawks of Romania, The Pelicans and the Aviation Special Unit that performed an air rescue exercise.

This time we chose to show you the black and white version of the photographs taken at the airshow. The hold a special charm for us. We will let you take a look and judge for yourselves and, why not, tell us your opinion.

Mil Mi-17 of the Internal Affairs Ministry.

IS-28B2 Glider made by IAR Brasov.

Zlin 142 of the Romanian Air Club.

Zlin 142  flying over the Caransebes Airport.

Ikarus 42 of The Pelicans aerobatic team, Romanian Air Club.

Mil Mi-17 helicopter of the Internal Affairs Ministry.

Mil Mi-17 during an air rescue training mission.

Paramedics are guiding the helicopter’s pilot.

Mil Mi-17. Air rescue training mission.

The rescue crew of the Mil Mi-17.

At the end of the simulation we are rewarded with the smiles and greetings of the helicopter’s crew.

PZL-104 Wilga takes-off.

Glider flying.

Glider IS-28B2.

IS-28B2 in flight.

Extra 300. Hawks of Romania.

Extra 330. Hawks of Romania.

Extra 300 flying low for the photographers and the public.

The day ended as it had started: the Mil Mi-17 took off. But it was not an exercise anymore, the helicopter went on a mission.

One last photo, afterwards quiet engulfed the airport. The public left, the engines were turned off.


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