Romania will start the procedures for purchasing F-16 air-crafts, according to the Romanian Minister of  National Defence, Mircea Dusa. He made this declaration during a visit at the Military 71st Air Base at Luna – Campia Turzii, Cluj County. Romania will buy 12 F-16 fighters. At the same time, the Minister declared that the Military 71st Air Base at Luna will be modernized during the second half of 2015. This could mean that the 12 air-crafts would be assigned to this base. The fighters maybe not be new. I suspect that they will be bought from the U.S.A., not Europe. European countries have been suddenly woken from their pacifist slumber and are greedily buying what other countries have thrown away during the last 20 years. Anyway, it is a little hard not to notice the speed of the Romanian purchase procedures for the F-16, probably propelled by the situation in the neighboring countries. Or it may be the cause of the Russian newly acquired habit: a new week, a new threat.